Milwaukee Side By Side Ride Guide Milwaukee UTV Guide

Where can you ride a UTV near Milwaukee?

We get this question a lot. Selling UTVs in a metropolitan area isn’t exactly common practice, but in our defense, there are more places to bring your side by side near Milwaukee than you may think! Keep reading to see all the best UTV riding opportunities Wisconsin has to offer, in order of distance from Milwaukee, all within three hours from Endless Motorsports.

UTV Recreational Parks

All UTV parks are ATV parks, but not all ATV parks are UTV parks. Click on the name of each park to get directions or visit their website.

Dyracuse ATV Park

Dyracuse has a small off-road segment of trails for UTVs. The park is motocross oriented but especially if you have multiple machines to play with, it is a great, and affordable, way to get some dirt time, just two hours from our store, near the Wisconsin Dells.

Rocky Glen OHV Park 

Rocky Glen has a lot of great open areas to play around in with mud pits and jumps made for UTVs. The cost is $30 to get in and the website says you can inquire about rentals, but I don’t know anything about that.

Riverview ATV Park

With 20 miles of trails on the east coast of Wisconsin, Riverview ATV Park is one of the newest parks in the area and it is less than two hours north on I-43 from Milwaukee. If you are an early riser it might even be worth stopping in Kettle Moraine State Forest to enjoy some great views along many miles of road routes.

Gravity Park USA

Gravity Park is a race track but I know from experience that you can show up on an open day with ten bucks and a UTV to have a great time. You can even get air here! Located in Chilton, it only takes an hour and a half to get there from the greatest UTV boutique on the planet. ​ ​


Tigerton OHV Park & Campground

Named after the city that harbors it, Tigerton is one of the most popular park destinations for UTV riders. It is the perfect place to learn how to ride an ATV or UTV, and is often the location of company events within the powersports industry because of its wide range of riding difficulty and open space. They have 500 acres here between the campground and the park!

Southern Wisconsin UTV Destinations

Where is the closest off-road ATV trail to Milwaukee WI?

One of the downfalls of ATV parks is the traffic within the parks. There aren’t many parks in Wisconsin, so you can expect the ones on this list to fill up pretty quickly on nice days, but that doesn’t mean you are stranded. Keep reading to learn about some public trail systems close to home! Side By Side Southeast  Wisconsin

Public Dirt Trails

Eisenbahn State Trail

The Eisenbahn isn’t very long and it is shared with silent sport enthusiasts, but it sure is close to Milwaukee! Consisting of 25 miles of crushed stone in Fond Du Lac and Washington counties, the Eisenbahn is a trail you have to go to at some point in your life if you live in Wisconsin, but call the hotline at 262-334-6061 first because ATV use is only permitted at certain times.

Haagenson Loop Trail

An hour north of Madison is where the Haagenson Loop Trail hides. Like the Eisenbahn, it is short, but it is made up of groomed dirt and is a great place to go if you don’t want to run into anyone else on the trail. It is also only 30 minutes away from Dyracuse ATV Park, making this a two-day destination.


Cheese Country Trail System

Cheese Country is real, and yes, they are talking about real cheese. The reason why will become apparent once you get there, but if you drive an hour south of Madison you will find 47 miles of decently kept trails with scenic views and isolation that matches that of the north woods of Wisconsin. 

Where To Take UTV Near Milwaukee WI

Oconto County Dusty Trail Public Off-Road System

When in doubt, head north! It’s three hours away from us but it is the entrance to the thousands of miles of trails that expand throughout northern Wisconsin. Have fun and be careful up there! It is easy to underestimate how much gas you need and even easier to forget how to get back to the car.